About Us

Opened, founded and established in 2015. Bancroft Brewing Co was crafted by its founder, owner and head brewer, Logan Kupra who since the ripe age of 3 years old has called Bancroft, ON home.

Spending all of his time in the great outdoors with his older brother and friends, Logan couldn't stop hiking, climbing trees, swimming, fishing and anything else a bush bum (new beer name?) could get into!

After a few years that saw him working with and supporting troubled youth in both detention centres and group homes, Logan switched gears and became a certified personal trainer (which really helps with lifting all those kegs!).

For years, Logan dreamed about crafting his own brews and perhaps even running his own brewery and after one fateful weekend with his brother who convinced him to go for it, he did just that. Using the lessons learned from his father's own entrepreneurship, Logan spent the next days, weeks and months putting together what has become one of Ontario's premier breweries.

More importantly to Logan, the brewery has helped bring attention to its namesake. Being very proud of the community, Logan has been thrilled to bring the name with him as he and his team travel near and far to festivals and events where they can promote how great of a town Bancroft is.

Bancroft Brewing Co has become a staple in the brewing industry. Proud of the community's heritage, the team at the brewery names their beers in relation and dedication to the heritage from which their community was built. They also take great pride in the fact that the water source which they use to craft their brews is spring-fed through the Canadian Shield which acts as a natural filter and offers up water that is naturally enriched in minerals creating a unique flavour for beer making in the area. It would be impossible to create this mineral content artificially which means that Bancroft Brewing Co makes truly unique beers.

Bancroft Brewery sponsors a gentleman's league hockey team, the fish and turtle hatchery, and is the main Co-Sponsor of the Tall Pines Rally.

So far they've created about 15 different brands along the way with plans to create many more while improving on our techniques and flavours to offer all around!